A Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo in Denver, CO

Bujinkan Shiro Washi Dojo

A Taka Seigi Dojo

Traditional Japanese Budo

Welcome to the Bujinkan Shiro Washi Dojo in Denver, Colorado.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu encompasses the original combat arts of the Samurai. Our methods and techniques are not watered down versions of the old combat arts that the Samurai once used for daily survival, but they have been kept in their original form and principles.

Students spend most of their time studying the physical aspects of self-protection, but there are also aspects being shared about how this art looks upon life, and how to incorporate certain aspects into your daily living.

We also offer training in other skills that we feel blends in unity with the Bujinkan system. These skills and knowledge are either mentioned throughout the regular training that the students participate in, and/or as separate workshops/seminars. These workshops/seminars are optional to the regular training.


Unarmed Combat Skills


Traditional Weapon Skills


Modern Weapon Skills


Modern Self-Defense


Meditation & Healing Arts

We realize that this system isn’t for all people, but we hope our students feel at home in our family, and they are welcomed with open hearts. We wish for all people a great experience in their studies, and in Soke Hatsumi’s own words; “If it isn’t fun, then don’t do it.”

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Our mission

We strive here at the Bujinkan Shiro Washi Dojo, to teach this system in it’s highest quality, and as true to Soke Hatsumi’s vision as possible. This system is a living art, meaning that it goes beyond just the physical aspects of self-protection, and that it is always in the state of evolution. We realize that nothing is perfect, and if you keep everything where it is, it never has a chance to improve or grow. This system is always working towards becoming the perfect system and one of the great ways to help us live our lives.








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