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Custom Training Weapons Save 15%

High Quality Custom Training Weapons

Training in the Bujinkan (or other martial arts) you need good quality training weapons, that not only will last for years of hard training, but also look good.

Over the years I have seen students use many different suppliers, as well as trying several for myself. Some were good, but most didn’t hold up well to our type of hard training.

One of the teachers in our dojo started searching for a good supplier for his next bokken, bo, and hanbo, he found a company that had many hard woods to choose from, allows you to customize your weapon, and overall are very well constructed.

We now are affiliates of that company, and if you use our code listed below, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on your order!

Black Palm


Many Hardwoods to Choose From

They currently have 24 different woods you can have your weapons made out of, as well as being open to using other woods of your choice if they are available, just inquire to see. Here’s a partial list of available woods:


      • Argentine Osage Orange
      • Black Walnut
      • Bloodwood
      • Cocobolo
      • Hickory
      • Ipe
      • Purple Heart
      • White Oak
      • Zebra Wood
  • Also to make your shopping experience even better, they provide charts for you to compare the various woods for weight, density, hardness, rupture, and elasticity. Thus if you’re considering black walnut vs. white oak, or maybe hickory vs. cocobolo you can easily see which may fit your needs the best.

Large Choice of Weapons to Choose From

You can customize many Japanese training weapons, but also some other training weapons from other traditions.

      • Bokken
      • Jo Staff
      • Bo Staff
      • Shoto
      • Tanto
      • Hanbo
      • Naginata
      • Yawara
      • Kama

Other training weapons:

      • Escrima
      • Kukri
      • Dao (Kung Fu broadsword)
      • Jian (Tai Chi sword)
      • Bolo


Order Your Customized Weapons Here

To customize and place your order click the button below. During the checkout process use the code WhiteEagle to receive 15% discount off your order.